Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 54

I received my next two apprenticeship challenges today, and I am quite psyched to get them done! The first is to write a more formal and informational blog post for the 8th Light website. The second is to write an unbeatable Tic Tac Toe in a language I have never used before.

For the blog post I was thinking I would write a tutorial on how to get started on a new Limelight app, but it turns out Paul Pagel already wrote one of those. It might still be a good idea since Limelight has evolved quite a bit since that blog, but I am not sure yet.

As for the Tic Tac Toe in a new language, I was thinking I would do it in java script. Not my first choice in languages, but I will have to learn JS soon anyway to do a project Paul has been asking me to work on, which will be pretty much entirely done in JS, as well as a little html and css. I kind of want to do it in a functional language like clojure since I have almost no experience working in that frame of mind, but JS would be a twofer.

Here is the catch though. I have the next two weeks, plus a weekend, to finish these two tasks, and I will be gone in Florida for the rest of this week! That means I have only 7 days to get these two tasks done... I see some rough nights in my near future, and I am damn excited to make the most o them!

Today I did some more work on Limelight, getting some more tests to pass and fixing up the margins on the text area.

I also got royally pranked by two esteemed members of the 8th Light team. I will let them remain unnamed for their treachery, as no good prank is left unanswered.
Basically, I had gone to the DMV today to renew my license, but of course it turns out they are closed on Mondays. Either way, I mentioned this at lunch in the office. Later on, I left my iphone in the bathroom where it was recovered by one of the Craftsman to remain unnamed. Rather than return it to this unsuspecting, trusting, and apparently oblivious apprentice, this Craftsman, along with another Craftsman, decided to see what fun they can have.

At about 3 pm I get an email from a Jacob Carson, who says I left my ipone near the Libertyville DMV and they wish to claim the reward (I keep my info and a $50 reward offer as my phones default background). This completely blows my mind as I specifically remember walking into the office listening to a podcast when I returned from the DMV. Suddenly I start frantically retracing my steps in my mind trying to find out how this could be possible. Did I hallucinate having my phone when I came back? Could I have been listening to my nano? Was I thinking of a different day?

I eliminated all these possibilities, and it seemed to me that there remained only one possibility. Neither Micah nor I use an iPhone case, and thus they appear remarkably similar face down. I conceived that it was possible I had left mine in the bathroom, which Micah must have later gone into and mistakenly taken my phone for his, at which point he went out for lunch (with a client) at the subway right next to the DMV. There my phone must have somehow slipped out of his pocket, thus returning it to the place I had been earlier today. An outrageously unlikely possibility, but Eric Smith wasn't in the office that day, so it must be the case.

I went down and asked Micah if he had eaten at subway today, and of course he said no.

Perplexed... I proceeded on to the bathroom, to the origin of the problem. Once I step out, there lies my phone on the ground before me.

It was so obvious, but so very devious. Touche good sirs, touche.

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  1. Thanks for leaving me unnamed. I don't want the word to get out.