Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 39

A frustrating day, much of which was spent overcoming small obstacles which took far longer than they should have, like trying to merge 2 different basecamp accounts, or getting intellij to work with cucumber. After working through all of it, I was able to spend a lot of time exploring the clients code. Still trying to get a feel of their project along with rails. I find it frequently difficult to tell what is a part of rails, and what is a part of their code. This is why it is fortunate I finished another 30 pages in the Rails book today.

To be honest, I had never really read a language specific programming book through and though before, I had only read books on general programming theory and philosophy. I had also used them for reference and such, but I was really missing out. Its pretty easy to see how much can be learned by not just reading the book, but working through the examples along side the reading. It is also very engaging! Typically I had been sleeping on the train to Chicago, but this morning I was just captured by the book and couldn't stop soaking up what it had to offer. I hope tomorrow I am able to get at least another 30 pages done, fitting in time around all the stuff I have to read for school =/

Much of the reading today was about the Models and working with databases. I found myself experimenting with every route I could find rather than just following the book's guided path. Though, this slowed me down, it also gave me a greater feel for the databases. Trying out both MySQL and SQLite, as well as looking back on a project where I used CouchDb.

CouchDb is pretty awesome btw, but I most certainly have to do more research of my own on it. I know its powers, but I don't fully understand its foundation in detail.
Anyhooo, it is time for sleep so I can work on the train again tomorrow!

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