Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 32

I learned a LOT today... well yesterday, last night, and this morning. Basically, the last few days I learned all about how to make a Socket Server and how HTTP requests work, but I really didn't know how to make them happen. Today, I learned that. There is a massive difference between understanding the principles behind how something should work, and the understanding required to actually make that something work.
Today I learned how an HTTP server, and all the communication involved in the process, works - in practice.
I learned how to form real, and usable requests and response.
I learned how to use them to display different types of html pages.
I learned how to link them to a file system, such that a request routes directly to a directory, and from it, derives the appropriate response.
I learned how to run multiple connections.
I re-learned how to make a build.xml file to run an ant process so that I can snatch out a .jar file.
I learned about pretty much every type of input and output stream Java has to offer, as well has how to link them up in unison to move files around in efficient manners.
I learned how to use chunked response, although not in practice... But i am pretty sure I could put it into practice in a reasonable amount of time.
I learned how to send different MIME types across the web so that I can display images and such from a local file onto a browser.

And I learned a whole lot of other stuff in order to learn how to learn what I needed to learn! This is likely the most important thing I derived from the long day of hardship.

Here is the rub... its now like 4:15 AM and I am not quite finished implementing all the mime types (though pretty close) or being able to pick up parameters (another fairly short matter). I gotta have it done by about noon tomorrow so... Imma sleep and blog more this weekend when my brain can recollect details.

P.S. telnet is pretty sweet terminal command. check it out

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